General : Person with disability involved in viral parking compound issue was a passenger, not driver

General : Person with disability involved in viral parking compound issue was a passenger, not driver

KOTA BHARU, March 8 — The issue involving a person with disability (PwD) who claimed that his car was clamped near a hospital which went viral on social media since yesterday was just a misunderstanding.

Kelantan Local Government, Housing and Health Committee chairman Dr Izani Husin explained that the individual was actually a passenger and not the owner of the vehicle.

“The owner is actually a normal person who clearly committed an offence by not displaying a PwD sticker on the vehicle. So I would like to advise everyone to be careful when making an issue viral,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Yesterday, Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with the issue of an elderly PwD and his wife who is a stage four cancer patient having to wait for over two hours after their car was clamped by City Car Park (CCP) personnel.

The posts garnered over 5,000 various reactions from Facebook users and almost 9,000 retweets on Twitter which condemned the authorities for the actions against the PwD.

Also included in the posts, was a man named Mustaqeem Yusoff helped the married couple by paying the compound to unlock their car.

Meanwhile, CCP posted on Facebook informing that the company, through its service centre had initially been informed by the caller that the PwD was a passenger and not the driver of the vehicle.

“The caller then agreed to make the payment and the order to unclamp the car was issued at 1.50 pm. At 2 pm, however, the call centre received another call from the same person who changed his statement, claiming that the driver of the vehicle was a PwD.

“However, when the call was made, the vehicle had already been unclamped and the case was considered closed,” the CCP post read, adding that Mustaqeem Yusoff wanted to meet with CCP to discuss the issue.

“Until now, CCP is still waiting for him so that we can provide a more detailed explanation about this misunderstanding,” the post read.


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