Minecraft: 【Minecraft】Kuri goes Trident Hunt!!!

【Minecraft】Kuri goes Trident Hunt!!!

Hello! SoulCalibur & VR Gamer, kurikuri desu!
はじめまして‼ ソウルキャリバ とVRゲーマー くりこ です!
Well… NekoNabe members said yes to trident hunt.
Will this go well or will kuri suffer for 3 hours under water?
Let’s find out!

***If you are a vtuber and want to join in, please let me know via twitter!****
Bullet Point Overview of the server:
-For cool and/or cute people only, no drama!
-Style of pace/play is like holo-servers. If you ever watched them, ruleset and atmosphere is basically the same.
-Minecraft beginners completely welcomed, learn the game as you go!
-Be friendly and considerate! Don’t destroy other’s work!
-Aimed towards Vtubers who want to stream Minecraft consistently, use it to make content for your streams!
-Play solo or play with others, whatever is comfortable to you
-Should have your own vtuber username/minecraft skin for consistent identification with other players!
-NA West based, but opened to other regions if you don’t mind lag.
-Invite is for the invitee only! Server will be whitelisted.
-Server capacity will be around 10~15 players to start. Java 1.16.5 (RC1 Server)
【Please read the following rules for streams & video comments:】(´。• ᵕ •。`)
☆ Be respectful to other viewers and streamers
☆ Don’t spam the same message too much!
☆ Please don’t bring kuri as a subject to bother other people’s channels unless kuri is mentioned by them!
☆ Please avoid general toxic behavior, we are all here to chill~
☆ For now, kuri isn’t taking any requests for specific guides, videos, laser cutting, etc, (but occationally kuri will ask for suggestions on other games to play on stream).
It may sound selfish but please let my mentally drained self to make content at my own pace, thank you!
☆ Feel free to clip anything in the streams/matches or use the footage for your own videos, but please give proper credits to anybody in the clips!
[Kuri Links]:
・Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nyawux
・Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurikurikoch/
Stream BGMs: (Via DOVA-SYNDROME https://dova-s.jp)
Minecraft Stream BGM: Loading: 『あぜ道タンデム』 written byしんさんわーくす
1.『子猫のリズム』written by shimtone
2.『KISSまであと5分 #2』written by Flehmann
3.『マヨナカレッド』 written by teii
4.『たまには散歩でも 』written by zmino
5.『Deep sea fish』written by Tinymemory
☆Chibis by the fantastic maimai!☆

Chat Emotes/badge commissioned from:

Kunoichi: https://kokona-factory.booth.pm/
BattleSuit: https://wonderfulp.booth.pm/ , https://niziya.booth.pm/

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