Minecraft: Aesthetic Minecraft Flower Shop Speed Build 🌺✨CIT Resource Packs Fairytale Ghoulcraft Mizuno Fairy ✨

Aesthetic Minecraft Flower Shop Speed Build 🌺✨CIT Resource Packs Fairytale Ghoulcraft Mizuno Fairy ✨

Hello friends! ✨
I’ve got a fairy aesthetic Minecraft speedbuild for you today using CIT Resource Packs from Ghoulcraft and Mizunos, making a Fairytale Flower Shop! 🌷🌸✨ This was a heavily requested video from you all and I’m so happy I tried your suggestions, I had so much fun making this magical fairytail Minecraft Flower Shop!

Please remember friends, this is a speed build not a tutorial. I know a few of you like to make these builds anyway so if you need them the basic build dimensions & materials are on my Discord.

stay chill kelp squad. 🦊🌿

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How To Use CIT Packs:


✨Made using✨
Minecraft Version: Java 1.16.4

Shaders: BSL

Mods: Optifine (for shaders)

Texture/Resouce Pack: Mizuno’s 16 Craft
Motschen’s Better Leaves

CIT Resource Packs:
Mizuno’s 16 Craft & Invisible Item Frames

00:00 Intro
01:25 Main Structure
04:34 Outside Decoration
11:00 Inside Decoration
16:50 Aesthetic Real

Music by dontaskalex
→ https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZyTLGmGVyPcuv17gy4fvw
Music by no one’s perfect
→ https://open.spotify.com/artist/4vXVzSSH673xUv5sUmRGYX
Music by kokoro
→ https://soundcloud.com/beatsbykokoro
Music by DLJ & TABAL
→ https://open.spotify.com/artist/3chQixmxhv9UmwQc8aBApA
→ https://open.spotify.com/artist/3xGCm4ewXGKJFwrrwumms
Song: Cold (Prod. by Lukrembo)

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