Minecraft: Easy Micro 2 Tall Flower Farm! |Minecraft Bedrock 1.16+| [Tutorial]

Easy Micro 2 Tall Flower Farm! |Minecraft Bedrock 1.16+| [Tutorial]

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to build a easy micro 2 tall flower farm! This farm works on all Bedrock platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile! This design utilizes a game mechanic which allows you to use bonemeal on 2-block tall flowers to produce another 2-block tall flower. For every 1 bonemeal used, you get 1 flower back.

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6 Blocks + 3 temporary blocks
1 Dirt
6 Glass Blocks
1 Observer
2 Dispensers
1 Hopper
2 Chests
1 Hopper Minecart
2 Rails
4 Redstone
1 Lever
1 2-Block Tall Flower

Length: 3 Width: 3 Height: 5

0:00 Materials & Dimensions
0:31 Step-By-Step Tutorial
2:13 How to Use the Farm
2:39 Thanks for Watching!

Artist: C418
Album: Minecraft Volume Alpha
Title: 07 Haggstrom

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