Minecraft: I Found Armor STRONGER Than Netherite in Minecraft

I Found Armor STRONGER Than Netherite in Minecraft

We discovered the secrets of the Wurtzite armor from the secret world underneath bedrock.

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About a month ago we found Minecraft’s SECRET world located underneath the bedrock layer of the overworld and in it, we found one of the strongest gems ever discovered in game called Wurtzite. So we wondered what wurtzite was for and what it did and today I’m happy to let you know we’ve determined what it’s used for. It’s used for the amazing new wurtzite armor but how does it stack up against Minecraft 1.16 Netherites armor? Well, today we’re going to find out by comparing the armor, the weapons, the tools and some very special items that you can get from using the tools.

Is Netherite REALLY the Strongest Minecraft Armor?

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