Minecraft: Making An Aesthetic Plant Store In Minecraft! ~Flowers~CIT pack~&more~ |Minecraft Speedbuild| 🌱

Making An Aesthetic Plant Store In Minecraft! ~Flowers~CIT pack~&more~ |Minecraft Speedbuild| 🌱

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My Xbox Gamertag: AriPUP
My Minecraft Java User: Arixella
My Roblox User: AestheticAri1

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Quick QnA:
What’s your favorite color?~Rosegold 💖💛
What are tips to small YouTubers?~Post Daily ♥︎
What’s you favorite game?~Minecraft, duh 😂
Why did you start a YouTube channel?~Because I was bored lol
What’s your favorite flavor?~Blue raspberry 💙
How are you doing?~Good (*’ω’*)
Do you make other content besides Minecraft?~Yes, I make roblox too
What do you play on?~I play on a pc
Do you have Bedrock/Pocket edition or Java?~I have both
~The End Of the QnA~

The CIT i used in this video: https://www.ghoulcraft.com/ [For Java Edition Only]
The Texture pack I used in this video: http://mizunomcmemo.blogspot.com/ [For Both Java And Bedrock/pe]

I got the music in this video from ChilledCow-https://www.youtube.com/c/ChilledCow
★Credit goes to whoever the music tracks belong to★

My Discord User: Arixella#9449

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