Minecraft: Minecraft Flower Farm! Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Flower Farm! Bedrock Edition

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Build List:
16 Observers
16 dispensers
10 redstone dust
5 redstone torches
1 redstone block
2 sticky piston
18 hoppers
16 chest
2 comparators
1 lever
1 rail
1 trapdoor
1 hopper minecart
7 items (sticks are fine)
25 grass blocks
Decorative blocks
~32 glass
Bone meal
Bucket of water

About this Video:
This easy redstone tutorial will show you how to build a flower farm for any version of minecraft! Java, MCPE, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Bedrock – it all works! You can choose any flower you want, throw your bonemeal into the dispensers and instantly grow stacks of that flower!

Minecraft Bedrock Redstone Texture Pack:


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