Minecraft: Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – GREENHOUSE! – Survival Let's Play Ep. 28

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – GREENHOUSE! – Survival Let's Play Ep. 28

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – Greenhouse! Today in MCPE we build a Minecraft PE greenhouse / tool shed next to our tree farm to create a nice garden area!

Minecraft PE is Minecraft Pocket Edition. I’ll be playing MC PE on my android phone. Minecaft PE is very similar to Minecraft PC with the exception of the way you control the game and some of the updates. Please keep in mind that Minecraft PE does NOT have all the same features as Minecraft PC, but it’s just as fun!
Hope you guys enjoy this series, and forgive me for being a noob! If you play Minecraft PE and have some Minecraft PE tips and tricks makes sure to let me know in the comments down below!

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