Minecraft: THE TRIDENT REVEALED – Hidden Depths DLC (Artifact) Showcase in Minecraft Dungeons

THE TRIDENT REVEALED – Hidden Depths DLC (Artifact) Showcase in Minecraft Dungeons

In this video, I show you The Trident, which will be a new weapon (Artifact) introduced in the Minecraft Dungeons – Hidden Depths DLC on the 26th of May. Not much information is know about it yet, but the Minecraft Dungeons Dev Diaries already pretty much gave away how it will work. I will talk about what kind of item it will be, which Artifacts are similar to this one and how powerful it will be. The Trident is porbably one of the most iconic Ocean items in Vanilla Minecraft, so it is very awesome to see it coming along with the Hidden Depths DLC as well! If you are a big fan of the Lightning Rod and Satchel of Elements, this one is probably going to fit very well in your new Ocean DLC build.

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