Minecraft: What Are The Best Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft Dungeons?

What Are The Best Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft Dungeons?

In this Minecraft Dungeons video, I’ll show you what I think are the best enchantments for crossbows. This build is OP as the title states! Check out this build and give it a try in your next play through. I like making new characters and trying new builds as I come across items. I normally don’t use crossbows, but as you’ll see I got this new crossbow from one of the bosses and it came with some overpowered enchantments. So obviously I must put it to good use!

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It’s crazy how random items can be in Minecraft Dungeons. Sometimes you’ll get just the item you’re looking for, but the enchantments it comes with are weak, or they just don’t go with your build. But the game was cleverly designed in that you can change up your entire character because you found a weapon that you want to use. But sometimes this doesnt’t work out well because you end up trying a new weapon with enchantments that don’t work well and now you’re weak.

When I found this crossbow with these overpowered enchantments, I was blown away by how much fun it is. Exploding enemies all over the place! Watching the bodies pile up as I plow through them. The enchantment build you’re going to see in this video is incredibly fun to play so I encourage you to give it a try! Let me know in the comments if you were able to find a crossbow like this and use it in your build.

I’m leveling a new character in Minecraft Dungeons and came across this AWESOME crossbow enchantments build. Your armor and weapon support your efforts. It’s the crossbow that truly shines in this build. I was having a lot of trouble on this difficulty until I found this crossbow with these enchantments. The artifacts help you survive longer and kill more monsters if they get close to you. It’s a super fun crossbow build and I’ll show you all the items, enchantments and artifacts I’m using in this build.

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