Minecraft:"Sad Creeper" [VERSION B] Animated Minecraft Music Video

"Sad Creeper" [VERSION B] Animated Minecraft Music Video

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Animation by Comic Crafter! SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!
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So I had this crazy idea a few weeks ago! What if Creepers aren’t actually bad? What if they really just want to make a friend but when they get too close to you, they get excited and that’s why they blow up? Anyway, I talked about it with my brother Baasik and we just had to write a song about it! 😛
#Minecraft #CreepersAreKind



Creeper: https://youtube.com/c/CreeperSweeper99
Kazan Ninja: https://www.youtube.com/c/KazanNinja
Renzvoid: https://twitter.com/revzonid

JackTBC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCObv0Vf664V64Jr7n85GKxg
Python Pixels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXPy-nXKMqP79mIHk6vMqw
Thomas Animations: https://youtube.com/c/ThomasAnimations
Renzvoid: https://twitter.com/revzonid
Cripu: https://twitter.com/CripuFx?t=BUdkMNt5W4qEU_4jgeba6g&s=09
Nasir: https://mobile.twitter.com/nasiranimations

Kazan Ninja: https://www.youtube.com/c/KazanNinja

Track written, produced & mastered by Nate (Baasik) SUBSCRIBE TO HIM:

Lyrics and melody written and performed by me. SUBSCRIBE TO ME TOO, PLEASE! https://www.youtube.com/c/BlackGryph0n

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– — — —- —–Lyrics —– —- — — –

Why is everything so complicated?
I know I scare ya, but I’m there to be your friend
I see you standing ever there
and it’s making me so frustrated
Cause if I meet ya, well I can teach ya how it ends

See you in the moonlight
It’s a feeling I can’t fight
Wish you knew what it feels like
Feels like…

I’m addicted to your love
But I’m allergic to your touch
And I just can’t get enough
Maybe once I won’t blow up
Feel my heart begin to beat
But it’s made of TNT
The excitement’s killing me
Maybe once I…

Bumms me out that we gotta be sepperated
Cause you’re a keeper, but a Creeper can’t have friends
And it ain’t your fault that I ended up detonated
I’m getting lonely, if we could only just pretend

If it would be all right
I’d hang out with you all night
And tell you what it feels like
Feels like…


Da da dah, da da dah
Da da dah da da da dah
Da da dah, da da dah
Maybe once I won’t blow up
Da da dah, da da dah
Da da dah da da da dah
Da da dah, da da dah
Maybe once I…

I’m all right, I’ve been here my whole life
Alone in the moonlight
But walking up to you each night
Is a feeling I can’t fight
Now you know what it feels like
Feels like…


– — — —- —–END —– —- — — –

Sorry for the hiatus. I’m currently in LA for some business. I can’t give the details just yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I can. We’re working on something that will explain everything soon. Thanks for hanging in there!


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